Personalized Advertising Strategies

Want to maximize results from your paid marketing channels? Empiric is the partner you’ve been looking for to get a positive ROI from paid advertising.


Paid Search

Capitalizing on the intent of search queries is essential for any business devoting budget to marketing efforts each month. Every relevant search query you are neglecting could result in countless missed opportunities to drive leads and sales.


Paid Social

Paid social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to scale lead acquisition, nurture, and customer acquisition programs. For channel assessment, account construction, tracking, implementation, design, and optimization: look no further than our full social media marketing services.



Most agencies will run your ads with little desire to optimize beyond the surface level. With our background, we understand that marketing and sales funnels are often times complex. We take this into consideration every step of the way from the development of strategy to the execution and optimization of campaigns.


We’ve seen a 35% increase in deals and a 20% increase in leads that we’ve been able to drive from the channel, and we’ve been able to rapidly scale the cost of keeping acquisitions flat if not slightly down, which is impressive.
— ROBERT HALE Sr. Director, Demand Generation, Toast, Inc