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What We Do


Paid Search

Capitalizing on the intent of search queries is essential for any business devoting budget to marketing efforts each month. Every relevant search query you are neglecting could result in countless missed opportunities to drive leads and sales. Having managed Google Ads accounts for numerous verticals, our formula consists of these essential components:

  • Account Structure Optimization

  • Ad Copy & Design

  • Landing Pages

  • Conversion Rate Optimization


Paid Social

Paid social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to scale lead acquisition, nurture, and customer acquisition programs. For channel assessment, account construction, tracking, implementation, design, and optimization: look no further than our full social media marketing services:

  • Account Structure Optimization

  • Lead Generation

  • Content Amplification

  • Ad Copy & Design


About Empiric

Empiric is a digital marketing agency founded by paid acquisition expert Brett McHale.

Empiric Marketing was created so that startups no longer had to rely on large expensive agencies to hit their customer acquisition goals. Instead, we look to provide a one-on-one personalized client experience with substantial return on investment. Our goal is to become a valuable extension of your marketing team. 

Exponential growth requires a creative, data-centric approach. We want to help you grow your brand and your bottom line through expertise and hard work. We don’t lean on superfluous metrics. We won’t hit you with bloated fee schedules. We’ll leave buzzwords out of the equation.


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